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We have all sizes of hammer, so there is nothing we can't fit or repair

We have a basic service price of £50. This includes adjusting, inspecting and lubricating all working parts. Additional work can be carried out and prices vary on different jobs; from £6 for fitting an inner tube to around £100 for building a complete bike out of parts. We have trained mechanics at our shop that have had over 35 years combined working in bike shops.

We are willing to undertake any kind of cycle mechanics from smaller jobs to complete custom build bikes. We build wheels for all kinds of cycling disciplines, from downhill to road.


Want your bike frame or forks sprayed a different colour? We deal with Argos Re-sprays based in Bristol and can strip, send, then rebuild your bike after a respray.


For a free quote or even just a chat about some ideas you might be having about your bike, give us a call or an email or pop in to the shop and have a chat with us.